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About us

ThinkCenter was established in 2016 with the goal of providing the latest and most demanding ionic detox foot bath machine. We have consistently met our goals by becoming an authorized distributor of ionic detox foot bath machines. Our experience through more than 3 generations of ionic detox foot bath machine has proven our reliability and dedication to our clients. We invite you to join us and experience the professional, knowledgeable, and efficient staff that has helped us become the number one choice for ionic detox foot bath machine needs.

ThinkCenter's Values

Serve a client in a way you would like to be served.

Plan, then relentlessly move towards your goal, creating many alternative paths ¡ª be quick and efficient.

Aim high, formulate goals that are achievable yet ambitious.

Be responsible.

Be a team-player, you¡¯ll achieve more.

Be honest, sincere and open.

Succeed with class. Not only effects count ¨C style of achievements matters too.

Be ruthless in eliminating barriers to the company goals.

Every day is a new page in your life ¡ª a chance to gain new knowledge and to improve.

View change as an opportunity for development.

ThinkCenter services accounts of all detox foot bath machines. We specialize in servicing small retail and specialty stores and no order is too small and none too large. ThinkCenter is a true full-service, wholesale sports & entertainment collectibles distributor, dedicated to the success of our customer¡¯s businesses and their futures.

Retailers who wish to consider opening an account with ThinkCenter , please contact us via